Simplify your shipping processes with CloudWadi software solutions

Simplify your shipping processes with CloudWadi software solutions

The workload of shipping agencies of any size can get a lot messier if not using an automated software.That’s why CloudWadi has developed a variety of software solutions specifically for shipping agencies. Its main feature is that it is a cloud based software, which will reduce the cost of setting up an IT infrastructure and hiring a full time IT engineer. With CloudWadi for software solutions, you will be assigned a username and password, which you can use it to log in to your system from anywhere, using any device. This article will shed light on some of the other features integrated with CloudWadi shipping software and how it hugely benefits the shipping agencies of global shipping lines. Some of such features include disbursement, import and export management, EDI, container management and billing.

CloudWadi shipping agency software is characterized with smart dashboard that display business statistics into interactive graphs to give you close insight to your business operations. The smart dashboard will help users take accurate and quick business decisions.

Additionally, the dashboard is integrated with notification system to keep all your employees constantly updated about business data.

CloudWadi Software Solutions

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EDI system integration and shipping agency

The Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) allows automatic transfer of data between different devices in different locations using a standard message format. EDI integration  help shipping agencies by improving accuracy,reducing cost and enhance business efficiency. 

CloudWadi EDI feature will help shipping agencies to automate the whole process of creating, sending and receiving of import/ export manifests and other related documents with shipping lines and shipping agents. Beside the ability to generate detailed reports about exchanged documents. 

The benefits of this integral feature includes reducing errors through generating automatic templates, message and enhance the accuracy of management. CloudWadi EDI integration allows the exchange of data using UN-EDIFACT, XML, ANSI X12 and Flat Files.

Automated arrival notification and Import Manifest

CloudWadi shipping software is integrated with import manifest and arrival notification features to facilitate the shipping processes. This feature allows the users to enter the expected arrival date of  a certain shipment and track and late shipment. Additionally, the system allows automatic email sending to notify the customers that the shipment has arrived. The automatic notification system support the Arabic and English languages, variety of sending options via email or fax and the ability to integrate documents received via EDI integration. 

Container Management system

The container management system integrated with CloudWadi shipping agency software enables users to track its containers when on and off the vessel. It also facilitates the storage of containers in different locations or warehouses. With CloudWadi Container management, you can track your container in real time until reaching point of destination. 

Stay tuned for the next article for more features of CloudWadi Shipping Agency software.

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