Advantages of Adopting CloudWadi ERP System for Accounting Management

Advantages of Adopting CloudWadi ERP System for Accounting Management

A large number of businesses have implemented different software both for accounting and ERP management. The main reason for that separation depended on the size of the company and whether it has implemented an ERP system at all, or, maybe the company has implemented the two systems in different times. Whatever the reasons are, now with CloudWadi for software solutions, you can benefit from the integration between ERP management system with a smart accounting and financial management. 


CloudWadi ERP Accounting Software allows its users to access critical business information in real time, using different devices. The cloud feature integrated with all CloudWadi Software solutions requires only an internet connection to start using your system from anywhere in the world. No need to install any infrastructure or to hire a full time IT engineer.

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Benefits of ERP and Accounting Integration

An accounting system manages the financial data of a business, while the ERP system manages the operations within that business. An Accounting software requires a manual input of certain business data such as billing, manufacturing department, HR, Logistics and so on. The integration between the two systems allows automatic input of business data from multiple resources. Other benefits of CloudWadi ERP -Based Accounting management system would be:

Detailed financial report system

An accounting system would generate financial reports such as balance sheets, income and outcome statements, However, CloudWadi ERP accounting system would generate more engaging and detailed financial reports due to integration of various resources and departments within the organization such as inventory management, cash flow management…etc.

Smart Automated Functionality

The Automation functionality increases the productivity of any business operations. A cloud ERP based for Accounting helps  automate the workflow between different department in your organization. An ERP system for accounting will allow automatic streamline to manage account receivable, accounts payable and cash flow. Besides, it allows your employees to perform complicated financial transactions in  a timely manner.

No Duplication of Data - Error Free

The automatic streamline of business data feature integrated with CloudWadi ERP Accounting system eliminates the requirements to manually reenter different data in different systems. It reduces the margin of errors while dealing with critical and complicated financial data. 

Financial statements

Any business generates a large amount of financial and accounting reports  such as balance sheets, revenue, inventory, loss and profit reports. All these reports combined together demonstrate an overall image of the financial situation of the company. Additionally, the smart reporting system can anticipate the financial future of the company and whether it is moving in a direction of profit, or it has to rethink the financial strategy of the company.

We strongly advise organizations of all types to invest in an ERP system for accounting to cut down costs and save valuable time. CloudWadi provides a cloud based ERP system for accounting where you can enjoy a complete month as a free trial.