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HMS Hotel Management System

HMS Hotel Management System consists of the following modules:

This module is built to suit several types of reservations based on Contracts and Markets.
  • Canceled reservation
  • Contract details for each travel agency are recorded.
  • Displays or prints complete details about any reservation by different criteria.
  • Graphical representation provides the user with a graphical representation of the distribution of reservations over 30 days for easy detection of expected peaks and drops.
  • Group reservation, a detailed rooming list is kept for group reservations.
  • Guaranteed allotments” Vacant or occupied “. In case the travel agent fails to fill all the guaranteed rooms the hotel may sell those rooms and the revenue will represent an extra earning for the hotel. In this case reservations on the waiting list could be turned to a confirmed reservation and this will reflect on the revenues report, although this will be detected upon receiving rooming list.
  • Infant & Children policy
  • Market details and selling prices are recorded and linked with different seasons
  • No-shows and cancellations report produces useful statistics about the number of no-shows and cancellations for a chosen period.
  • Released allotments
  • Reporting System, daily arrivals report allows users to view expected arrivals for a chosen date in addition to other useful statistics (number of rooms to be occupied, number of persons expected to arrive)
  • Request prolongation
  • Room blocking, reservations may include special rooms.
  • Rooming List
  • Search, allows the user to search for reservations based on an extensive set of criteria.
  • Tentative Reservation
  • Waiting List Reservation

Reservation screens and print outs:

  • Graphic Chart, for reservation from a defined date for 30 days.
  • Available rooms chart for a week from a defined date.
  • Suite Control sheet, Chart for 30 days for suites only from a defined date.
  • Rooms Revenue Chart shows the expected revenue for 30 days from a defined date
  • Miscellaneous Chart shows the reservation pre-payment date flashing.
  • Waiting list release flashing.
  • Request prolongation.
  • Marked for cancellation.
  • Request amendment.
  • Expected Arrivals
  • Groups in House.
  • Display reservation shows a reservation for a defined date and for a specified case
  • Whether it is confirmed, tentative or waiting list
  • Reservation report
  • Tentative pre-payment
  • Cancelled reservation
  • No Show yesterday

Reservation screen formats are:

  • General reservation screen.
  • New reservation.
  • Retrieve reservation.
  • Amendment reservation.
  • Cancel reservation.
  • View reservation.
  • Delete reservation.
  • Blocking rooms.
  • Seasons amendment.
  • Contracts amendment.
  • Price list amendment.
  • Source master
The front desk normally shows the level of guest service in all hotels, which means that front desk functions should be extremely efficient. HMS provides instant access to all of the necessary information.
  • Current status report, displays a statistical summary of the status of all rooms
  • Guests, affected by arrivals or departures, unexpected departures
  • Expected arrivals report, maximizes convenience while minimizes clerical effort
  • Expected checkout
  • Expected departure list “report”
  • Extend due-out guests, allows to extend the departure date for a certain nights for guests scheduled to depart today, according to room’s availability.
  • Folio options, one folio for group plus extra folios and access to other room’s folios
  • Group check-in based on previous reservation Rooming list
  • Group check-in based on previous reservation rooming list
  • Guest in house search by name (first or last) or by room number.
  • Guest’s birthday report, all in-house, and old guests as well, are included in the report for complimentary purpose.
  • Guest’s History, quick and easy access to guest history records by several criteria
  • Guest’s reservation information, an extensive amount of information may be recorded about guest including guest details, payment information (settlement method, currency used, deposits, etc.)
  • Individual check-in based on previous reservation or walk-in
  • Materialization report, for a chosen time period the report  generates source name & percentage of materialization
  • Meal Plan report, displays guest in house, expected arrivals and departures, and gives the total number of guests in house for next day.
  • Nationality report, for a chosen time period the report generates nationality, guest arrival, guest night, room arrival, room nights, ratio of guest nights, ratio of room night.
  • Room rates are retrieved automatically according to source type (travel agency, corporate, markets …etc.).
  • Room status, since room status is constantly updated from housekeeping, the reception can quickly search for vacant/clean/inspected rooms.
  • Room transfer, rooms can be changed by automatically transferring the guest account to the new room, the old room is designated as “vacant dirty”.
  • Unexpected checkout
  • VIP guests, the system reports all VIPs in house, or arriving following day and the next day, guest in suits are treated as VIPs, guests with complains or defected rooms could be turned into VIPs.

Reception screens and print outs:

  • Guest in House
  • Sharing guest rooms
  • VIP Report T VIP / V.VIP
  • Suite occupancy
  • Arrival List
  • Expected arrival
  • Check out today
  • Unexpected Check out
  • Group in House
  • Meals report
  • Meal Plan
  • Rack List
  • Current status
  • Room status report
  • Room transfer report
  • Safe Box report
  • Graphic
  • Suite control sheet
  • Materialization
  • Geographical report
  • Occupancy
  • Guest History
  • Room History
  • Guest Birthdays
  • Night Report
  • Nationality report for a specific one or all
  • Guest in house
    • By company
    • By group name
    • By sharing room
    • By guest stay
      • Permanent
      • Long Term
      • Complementary
      • House use
      • Leisure Group
      • Conference Group
      • Package
      • Day use

Reception Screen Formats are:

  • General check-in
  • Group check-in
  • Group rooming list
  • Update check-in
  • Room transfer
  • Change to guaranteed
  • Change to release
  • Guest in house
  • Search guest
The cashier function enables the cashier to handle transactions efficiently, it also allows settling bills and reducing late charges.
  • Automatic room posting
  • Automatic Telephone calls posting, phone calls (Long-distance, local,..) are posted directly to guest folio
  • Balance report
  • Cashier code is logged with each posting, checkout, and transaction, along with time and date.
  • Debit & credit transfer
  • Deposit report
  • Groups Check-out
  • Guest & Group accounting
  • Individual Checkout
  • No show settlement, posting the first night on folio
  • Outlets bills posting, could be posted through front office cashier terminal
  • Paid out report
  • Room rate change
  • Safe Box registering & report
  • Shift closing.
  • Voiding transactions, void transactions are recorded by shift and user

F.O.Cashier screens and print outs:

  • Access list
  • Guest balance report
  • Deposit report
  • Check out payment
  • Transfer D/C report
  • Settlement reports
  • Paid out report
  • Guest checks
  • Guest folio
  • 10-Detailed guest transactions

F.O.Cashier screen formats are:

  • Folio
  • Debts / credit transactions.
    • Deposit
    • Paid out
    • Transfer debt
    • Transfer credit
    • Void Tr. debt
    • Void Tr. credit
    • Payment
    • Adjustment
  • Guest information
  • Folio settlement
  • Transfer transaction
  • Void POS transaction
  • Void payment transaction
  • Void check out Folio
  • Room posting
  • Room rate
  • Posting (Gross)
  • Posting (Net)
  • Fast posting.
  • Room rate change
  • Safety deposits Box No
  • Check out
  • Close shift
  • Advanced deposit reports
  • Automatic posting of room rate & tax any time during the day.
  • Cash & CL report
  • Credit Check report flags guests over the credit line set at check-in
  • Daily inspection report
  • Daily revenue report includes MTD and YTD figures and budget
  • Guest balance
  • Guest ledger listing
  • Night report
  • Preliminary audit reporting of transactions posted today for balancing
  • Rate discrepancy shows the original room rate and the actual room rate
  • Room revenue report

Night auditing screens and print outs:

  • Daily Summary
  • Daily Transactions
  • Transactions on rooms
  • Charges and Taxes
  • Room deposit
  • Guest Balance
  • Check out payment
  • Front office Settlement
  • Daily income report
  • Close day
  • History of charges and taxes
  • History of outlets payment
  • History check out payment
  • History from an office settlement
  • History of daily income report
  • Retrieve folio
  • Void check out
  • Night report
  • Room revenue by:
    • Group
    • Source
    • Date
    • Percentage
    • Building
    • Room
  • Room revenue chart
  • Rate discrepancies
  • Adjustment reports
This module covers House Keeping, guest complains & engineering defects, defected & rectified items, quality control, rooms traffic and lost & found luggage custody.  All these functions together guarantees Guest Satisfaction.

House Keeping:

  • Rooms status, ongoing communication between housekeeping and front desk.
  • Constant update of guest room status: Vacant, Dirty, Clean, Out of order.
  • The system allows feedback from housekeeper to update room status.
  • Rooms vacant over two days for dusting.
  • Discrepancy report, the discrepancy from the physical inspection of house keeping and the report issued by the reception.
  • Guest complains
  • Engineering defects.

Lost & Found:

  • All articles found are recorded as per the following format : “Serial number, room number, guest name, date found, time recorded, item description, found by, category.”
  • Once the article is delivered to the owner or the agent the following appears on the delivery report: “Serial number, Item, delivered to, supervised by (name of FO manager).”

Guest History:

Increase guest service and satisfaction with:
  • Convenient and compact storage of guest history folios.
  • Quick and easy access to guest history records by several criteria.

Luggage custody:

All information needed for stored luggage is easily recorded & retrieved for security & accuracy.

Room Management screens and print outs:

  • Room status report
  • Physical inspection report
  • Vacant over 2 days
  • Engineering defects report
  • Inspection (Quality Control)
  • Guest complains
  • Lost and found reports
  • Luggage custody report

Room Management Formats are:

  • Change room status
  • Physical / Inspection
  • Defected / Rectification
  • Founds Recording
  • Luggage Receiving
Food & Beverage module provides powerful controlling for all F& B Functions (Activities) stars from receiving, stock control, recipes all way through to F&B income, analysis to minimize impact of price changes and increase profit by monitoring menu performance.
  1. Stock Control
  2. Point Of Sales:
    • Outlets C/L report
    • Outlets Cash report
    • Sales report
    • Historical invoices report
    • Canceled bills are available for a given period
    • Items definition: Item is defined generally for all outlets or defined to a particular outlet.
    • Unit pricing: Unit price and type (food, beverage, other) are recorded per item.
    • Automatic order calculations: Orders are opened by the cashier based on item selection from the menu and price is calculated automatically, with the facility to add new items.
    • Modification possibility: Possibility to modify the guest’s order at any moment by recording additional items or canceling quantities ordered or items.
    • Customer’s bill is printed after adding related service charges & taxes
    • Guest settlements: settlements varies according to situation from cash, city ledger, credit cards & for guests in house, the room number and name shows on screen for posting to folio.
    • Detailed information of settlements, room numbers, taxes recorded on each bill, total value of bill and the user who entered the bill.
  1. Food Flash:
    • Dynamic flash food cost function & outlets performance report
  1. Meal Planning:
    • Meal plan report displays guests in house, expected arrivals & departure, and gives the total number of guests in house for next day
  1. F&B income:
    • Outlets income
  1. F&B analysis

F&B screens and print outs:

  • Guest Invoice
  • Shift Summary
  • Shift Items Sales
  • Shift Sales summary
  • All item to sell / menu

F&B screens formats are:

  • New order
  • Update order
  • Close order
  • Cancel order
  • Close shift
  • Close day
  • Hotel Management System Software Dashboard
    Hotel Management System Software Dashboard

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