Land and ocean freight and freight software solutions

Land and ocean freight and freight software solutions Freight Forwarding software

Software solutions on clouds have become the way to make business more flexible and fast, and they also help reduce costs and save effort and labor.

Now, through freight forwarding software, you can fully control the information and database of your business, whether in the logistics sector or shipping agent


In this topic, we will talk about the cloud-based freight forwarding software and its importance for land and ocean freight.

With technological development, these days compared to the previous era, dealing with software solutions such as freight forwarding software, whether for logistical services or for a freight forwarder and shipping companies, has become the most rapid, flexible, and safe way.

As it becomes possible for you to have full control over all company accounts – receive orders online – manage customer relationships – customs clearance – track shipments and other distinctive features.

The use of freight forwarding software in land forwarding and ocean forwarding facilitates the management of complex operations from the start point to the endpoint.

Ocean freight is one of the most important means of transportation in the world because it is considered the center of international shipping in the world.

Cloud wadi Ocean freight software helps in facilitating ocean freight operations

And a ship management system, as it helps you track shipments until they arrive

Create reports, make accounts and invoices, and extract documents such as: – Vessel schedule, sailing schedule, commercial invoices, and certificate of origin ..

Land freight is the best means of transportation between parts of the country itself or between neighboring countries.

In addition, it is the fastest means of transporting large and heavy loads.

Land freight is divided into several modes of transport, including road, rail, and pipeline transportation.

To keep track of your shipments and goods, and to maintain your customer base, you should try the overland shipping programs from Cloud wadi , they help you to track containers ,and manage your customers relationships.


If you are a startup, medium or large company, you can start and try out cloud-wadi software solutions.