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How CloudWadi Hotel Management System benefits the Hospitality industry?

How CloudWadi Hotel Management System benefits the Hospitality industry?

The recent rapid increase in hospitality technology and management software compel hotel owners and managers to adopt and implement an effective management system to ensure their property is up-to-date with recent technology. That’s why CloudWadi for software solutions has developed an all-in-one hotel management system to enable hoteliers to manage several hotel operations through a single platform. No matter the number of rooms or stars that your hotel has to offer, with CloudWadi, you will find the suitable package that enables you to manage all channels of your hotel.  

What is the meaning of Hotel Management System?

The term refers to a package of software that is designed specifically to easily manage everyday operations at any hotel of any size. Such packages may include a variety of software solutions including reservation system, accounting, room management, property management system (PMS), front office management, back office operations, CRM, guest service…etc. Hotel owners can adjust any package by adding or removing other solutions in a way that suit their property.

implementing CloudWadi hotel management software on your premise allows more efficiency and reduces cost by performing multiple hotel operations automatically, instead of the normal way by hand. Contact one of our representatives to discuss the best package for your hotel.

Benefits of CloudWadi Hotel Management System

Competitive advantage over competition

One of the main reasons to implement a hotel management system is to gain an advantage over your competition. CloudWadi Software will give you a comprehensive insight, allowing you to offer more competitive room accomodations and an easy way to manage discounts.

Loyalty of your customers

Cloud Wadi Hotel Management solution will remarkably improve the experience of your hotel guest. CloudWadi CRM and guest management system will allow your employees to store crucial data about your guests includingBirthdays, anniversaries, disabilities, room preferences and many other information. The next time the guest checks in to your hotel, he will find his/ her room adjust to his/ her preferences such as smoking/ non smoking room, room view, and any special needs. It will help the public relation department to arrange customized surprises for your guests like birthdays and anniversaries. Such surprises will build loyalty with your customers and increase the chance of returning back to your hotel.

Synchronized and organized operations

This is the main reason that our customers order and implement CloudWadi solutions. An effective hotel management system will help you automate various operations within your hotel and synchronize all data in real time with all other departments. It will eliminate many problems including double- booking, overbooking and different room rates. Additionally, it will enable your back office staff to generate updated financial reports including revenue, expenses, purchasing …etc.

Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue

Hotel management systems require the minimum human involvement due to the automation of all operations, which will lead to reduce the cost of labour. On the other hand, not burdening your employees with cumbersome manual data entry operations, will increase their productivity in other areas, which results will eventually appear on the revenue reports.

CloudWadi solutions for hotel management is the most effective way to modernize your hotel. Contact us now and enjoy a one-month free trial on your chosen package.