Logistics Software and Transportation Management System

Logistics Software and Transportation Management System

CloudWadi Logistics and transportation software suit any business of any size. Innovative features integrated with our system facilitate complicated logistics processes such as distribution of shipment, storage, tracking, customs clearance in addition to smart accounting and CRM systems. These custom on demand features will help you to manage and improve  the operations of forwarding agents,HR, payroll and staff to lead for positive income and increased revenue.

Check CloudWadi smart features for businesses including Accounting Software, HR Software and ERP System.

CloudWadi smart features for logistics industry

Warehouse management system

CloudWadi Logistics software provides quick insight into your inventory and warehouse facilities. It enables your staff to easily manage and monitor stored items to ensure that your organization is equipped with all required raw materials and supplies.

Order Management Features

It enables your staff to manage business orders and billing requests more effectively as the automation feature eliminates duplication errors.

HR and Payroll Management

Easily manage your staff and monitor their progress month by month. Calculate employee attendance , incentives and commissions automatically with Payroll.

Document Management System

CloudWadi logistics software allows you to set and generate automated samples of business documents such as Certificate of origin, commercial invoice and bill of lading. Additionally, it allows you to generate automated invoices for customers.

CloudWadi Logistics software includes various other features such as customs clearance, quotation and price management,CRM and yard management system. 

Stay tuned for detailed description of every feature integrated with CloudWadi Logistics software solution. 

With CloudWadi, there is no need to set up an infrastructure or to hire an overpaid IT engineer. Thecloud feature enables ColudWadi users to access their system from anywhere, using any device, at any time. All you need is a fair internet connection and you are ready to start working

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