CloudWadi Software Solutions for Hotel Management System – Part 1​

CloudWadi Software Solutions for Hotel Management System - Part 1

The process of managing a hotel requires full attention to details so that each department functions effectively and consistently to provide excellent service. Hotels managers are aware that any error or disfunction in the synchronization of information between departments can lead to serious results concerning the guest satisfaction. For that reason, CloudWadi has developed a smart and interactive Hotel Management System where you can supervision and control every department of your property.

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What are the benefits of using CloudWadi Hotel management System?

Guaranteed security

CloudWadi Software for Hotel management guarantees that all your critical information is safe and secure including financial and booking information and guest data. You will be able to find all your information in a single convenient platform, which you can access anytime using any device.

A User - Friendly platform

CloudWadi Hotel Management system enjoys an interactive platform with charts and diagrams to demonstrate the overall performance of each department over a fixed time. It enables you to track weekly and monthly revenue, daily accommodation rates, reservation percentage, and VIP guest list, all in a single interface. Additionally, managers will be able to monitor the performance of all departments within the property.

Easily integrates with other apps

CloudWadi Hotel Management System (HMS) allows integration of data from external websites and APPs such as online travel agencies and booking websites. The Channel Manager feature enables hotel owners and managers to monitor and manage room rates and room availability through multiple resources. In addition to that the smart report system will generate individual performance reports for each channel and enable you to compare the effectiveness of every booking source.

Available support after sale

CloudWadi guarantees 24/7 technical support for its customers. CloudWadi serves customers all over the Middle East and North Africa with different time zones. That’s why we provide telephone technical support support for our customers around the clock. Additionally, once you request our Hotel Management System, you will have an intensive course for you and your employees about the benefits and features of the software and how you can effectively use it to benefit your Hotel.

Installation Requirements

CloudWadi Software solutions for Hotel and Property management don’t require any installation of IT infrastructure or need any monitoring of IT engineers. The cloud system allows users to login to business accounts from any place using any device. No need to be on the same hotel network to manage your department. Just login and start doing your business, anywhere, anytime. The cloud features have also shown great benefits in cost reduction, as it eliminates the cost of expensive networking installation and high paid networking engineers.

These are some of the benefits our customers acquire when using our CloudWadi Hotel Management System. In the next article, we will shed the light on some of the features that we developed specifically to enable hotel owners run their premises easily and effectively. 

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