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Hotel Management System

CloudWadi Hotel Management System

CloudWadi software solutions provides a cloud based hotel management system to effectively manage all operations related to hotels in a timely manner. CloudWadi Hotel Management System provides a wide variety of features including customer service management, HR and payroll, Housekeeping management, accounting, room service management…etc. Contact our support team for more information about Hotel Management system and how you can use it to manage multiple operations within your hotel. You will be able to enjoy a free trial.

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Modules of CloudWadi Hotel Management System (HMS)

  • Online Reservation Management System

Online reservations and booking are becoming the main point of sale for most types of hotels. CloudWadi Online Reservation Module helps you manage online booking operations effectively. It works as a central inventory that stores all available dates and rooms. All data is synced automatically and in real-time with the front office management system.

  • Cloud Wadi CRM customer service software 

It is important for employees in the hospitality field to gather all guest data and organize it in a way that makes it easily accessible. The CloudWadi CRM System collects data from Reservation and Front Desk system. The CRM system enables hoteliers to provide top and personalized system to their customer, which greatly benefit the hotel with its loyalty program. 

  • Back Office management system

The Back Office Software integrated with CloudWadi System for Hotel Management facilitates the management of back-office operations such as Human resources management that includes Shift and staff management. It also facilitates the management of conferences, spa area, gym, events, and catering operations.

  • Front Office Operations and automation

The Front Office module integrated with CloudWadi software for Hotel Management facilitates the front desk operations and allows better communication among team members. The system permits its users to access and edit other systems such as reservation, room service, and housekeeping. It enables front desk agents to update check-in and check-out status, room cleaning schedule and payments.


CloudWadi System is a Comprehensive Software Solution

CloudWadi offers comprehensive software solutions to manage and operate every hotel operation effectively in a timely manner. There are additional modules integrated with our Hotel Management System such as: Housekeeping, Accounting, Purchasing, HR , Payroll and Room Service Management.


CloudWadi Hotel Solutions for any Hotel size

Cloud Wadi software solutions for hotel management is integrated with a bundle of useful features and programs that cover every aspect of the hotel. Our software solutions are the best for small and mid-sized hotels, however, we could modify our hotel management system to suit large hotels upon request. Contact our customer service department for more features and systems from CloudWadi.