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Cloud Freight Forwarding System

CloudWadi Freight Forwarding System

CloudWadi software solutions provide Cloud Software for Freight Forwarders to help them to easily manage and organize air, sea and land operations. CloudWadi system for Freight Forwarding is integrated with multi features and systems to facilitate the transportation workflow from the point of origin till reaching the final destination. With the cloud feature offered by CloudWadi, there is no need for infrastructure installation or to hire system administration. Contact CloudWadi now to order your system and enjoy your free trial.

We also offer other business solution for the small and mid-size company including ERP Software and Accounting System

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Main features and benefits of CloudWadi ERP Software for Freight Forwarder


  • The ability to operate and manage your business from any device. The system is fully adjusted to suit all ground/air/ sea shipments

  • It supports multiple currencies and  different languages

  • CloudWadi ERP system is suitable for small and midsize freight forwarders.

  • Implemented with (CRM) Cloud Relationship Management, customized reporting system, and smart business intelligence.

CloudWadi provides complete smart solutions for freight forwarder businesses that want to automate and organize its sea and land transport operations and to enhance it accounting and reporting system.

With ColudWadi Cloud ERP system your team will be able to easily organize daily tasks for your business in a more efficient way. It will improve productivity and teamwork.

Warehousing Management System

The warehouse management system integrated with CloudWadi ERP system will help freight forwarders manage and organize various warehouse operations from the point of origin till reaching the point of sale. The system enables its users to monitor all warehouse equipment and employee access. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM integration with CloudWadi Cloud ERP is adjusted to best suit Freight Forwarders business. The system can organize and handle all relations with customers, however,it relies on the data you enter about your customers. If this operation done properly, it will guarantee benefits to your business and reaching new markets.

Managing Air/ Sea/ Ground Shipments

Experts at CloudWadi can modify your Cloud ERP system to suit the type of shipments your business is specialized at. You can use the shipment management system to direct your shipments and generate all required documentation.

Accounting Management

Freight forwarders business can use our system to send quotes to customers, calculate prices, create automatic invoices and many other smart accounting transactions. One of the main features of accounting software integrated with CloudWadi ERP system for freight forwarders is the smart reporting system. You can create customized reports per shipment, consignee, or shipper. You may also calculate the profit and loss of your business. Don’t be afraid of any double entries as our system will alert you about such mistakes.

There are still many other features and benefits for freight forwarders businesses. CloudWadi online solutions for Enterprise Planning Resources (ERP) is the smart choice to organize and support all your business operations. Contact us now to enjoy a free trial.