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CloudWadi Accounting Software​

Cloud Accounting System provided by CloudWadi will allow your business to function effectively and promptly. It is a wise investment for your business that permits you to handle all financial operations in real time while the cloud feature will allow better collaboration among your team members. Contact CloudWadi now to order your Cloud Accounting System and easily manage your business.

CloudWadi ERP Accounting System​

Some may believe that the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP System) is a different system from the Accounting Software. However, both systems can coincide under a single platform. CloudWadi offers its customers the ability to order an integrated ERP and accounting system, or request each system separately.

Check the features and benefits of CloudWadi ERP System.

A Quick Glance at CloudWadi Finance Software Features

The cloud feature allow you to monitor your financial data and progress in real time, minute by minute all data is stored in the cloud.

  1. No infrastructure needed, all stored at the cloud. 
  2. Easy to use. You no longer will need to install any hardware, hire system administration, or worry about system maintenance as CloudWadi Accounting Software manages all operations online through the cloud. 
  3. Access to Multi -Users. This feature enhances the collaboration between your team members. All your employees can access updated data at any time from anywhere, using any device. 
  4. Security. All data is securely stored in the cloud.

Main functions of CloudWadi Accounting and Finance software

  1. Reporting and Analysis: It helps users to obtain accurate insight of all business financial activities. 
  2. Graphics: Finance and Accounting depend, in large, on numbers and statistics. However, visual representation is a vital tool to demonstrate and explain such data. CloudWadi Accounting System is integrated with dynamic charts and powerful visual tools to help present your data in an easy way.
  3. Barcode Management: It helps businesses to manage and order products using barcode feature. It allows storage and tracking of products in an easy and effective way. 
  4. Custom Invoice: Use the customized invoice templates integrated with CloudWadi Accounting software or build your own customized template to better suit your business.
  5. Efficient Reporting System: You can generate reports for purchasing, sales, inventory and salaries. 
  6. Billing System: Adjust your system to automatically generate bills according to your business. 
  7. Accurate Forecasting: Some clients consider this to be the most important benefit of CloudWadi Accounting Software. It helps you to analyze your financial details into understandable patterns and trends in minutes. It gives a meaning to the numbers and show you where to increase investment and where to cut expenses. The accurate forecasting gives you an overview of your financial situation, which helps you to develop smart and enhanced strategies accordingly.

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We have displayed only some of the benefits and advantages that CloudWadi Accounting Software have to offer. Contact us now and order CloudWadi ERP Accounting Software and start controlling your business.
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