Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Cloud ERP Software Solutions

Cloud ERP Software Solutions

What is the meaning of Cloud ERP?​

Most businesses rely on the ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage and organize the different types of data spread across various departments. In the past, companies used to install ERP system within the company servers, which require manual updates for the system on a regular basis. Now, CloudWadi has developed Cloud ERP software solutions that rely on the cloud to assist corporations share and distribute information among different departments in real time.

Cloud ERP Solutions provided by CLoudWadi is integrated with all primarily functions needed to manage any business effectively and promptly. Examples of integrated functions are human Resources, inventory, accounting, payroll, purchasing, CRM and order management. The Cloud feature integrated with CloudWadi ERP system allows different branches and divisions of the business to access specific information in real time without any need to install on-premises ERP server.

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Benefits of CloudWadi Cloud ERP Software

Integrated Business Features:

CloudWadi developed its Cloud ERP system with various business applications to help operate different departments within a business such as inventory management, accounting software, human resources , customer relation management..etc. Additionally, CloudWadi could modify the Cloud ERP integrated application to suit each type of business

Centralized Data Center:​

CloudWadi ERP solutions combine all information related to all business departments in a single place. The centralized data center is the foundation for automating business processes as it ensures the accuracy of the information and omits any redundancies, errors or conflicts. Mainly, it allows your employees to focus on delivering quality services to your customers, instead of checking business data.

Reduced cost

Cloud ERP system doesn’t require any installation for server infrastructure or IT staffing. When you request CloudWadi Cloud ERP system, you will just need to login to your account and start managing your business immediately with no more hassle.

Ease of Access

Your business data can be easily rotated through different departments in different places. CloudWadi ERP software allows your employees to access business data in real time, which will increase collaboration and communication between your employees.

Ability to recover data

CloudWadi Cloud ERP system automatically backup all data processed through the system. In case of any emergency or accidental loss of data, customers can recover any type of data.

Data Security

CloudWadi Cloud ERP system ensure data security against unauthorized breaches and hackers. With our cloud ERP software, all your business data is secured on our cloud servers, which grants more security that the traditional on premise- ERP system.

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