CloudWadi Software Solutions for Hotel Management System – Part 2​

CloudWadi Software Solutions for Hotel Management System - Part 2

The previous article demonstrated the benefits and advantages of using CloudWadi Hotel Management system (HMS) for your property and how it facilitates the workflow of all hotel operations. The cloud feature integrated with all CloudWadi software solutions for business and industries contributed in cutting down the cost of installing an IT infrastructure and hiring a full time IT engineer. Additionally, it guarantees the utmost security and ability to access from any place using any device.

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This article will handle the technical features that hotels’ managers and employees can use to deliver the best performance in the shortest time, with minor or no error margin.

Features of CloudWadi Hotel Management System

Front Office Management Feature

The Front Office feature integrated with CloudWadi Hotel Management System enables users to control and manage all front office related operations including reservation management, Housekeeping, front Desk and loyalty programs. The reservation module handles room rates, availability, packages and booking through outside channels. The front office module track and organize expected arrival and departures, check- in and check-out operations, and track the in-house guests. The housekeeping module handles room cleanliness, scheduled maintenance, and personalized room preferences. Additionally, some hotels adopt a loyalty program where guests can redeem points through the front office operations integrated with CloudWadi front office management system.

Back Office management Features

Unlike the Front Office feature, the Back Office feature enables hotel employees to manage all operations not related to guests such as accounting, inventory, purchasing. The accounting system handles all payment receivable and payable including invoices, purchasing ,and deposits and taxes. The purchasing module manages purchase requests, orders and received orders. Finally, the inventory module integrated with CloudWadi Cloud Hotel Management System allows users to organize inventory categorization and make it easy to evaluate and track inventory through transfer orders, consumption and auditing.

Point of Sale Management

The point of Sale management module integrated with CloudWadi Hotel management System grants control over two main hotel operations: the cashiering and the Food & Beverage management.This module enables users to effectively manage the kitchen orders, cashiering and Food and Beverage operations. The cashiering management enables control over guest orders, room payments,  refund and compensation. While the food and beverage module track room orders and monitor quantities and handle it with the inventory system.

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Hotel Management System

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