CloudWadi HR Software Solutions

CloudWadi HR Software Solutions

Cloudwadi software solutions for HR is the best choice for managing the daily tasks of the Human Resources department. The HR software allows HR managers and employees to better use their time and increase the productivity of their efforts. The cloud based feature integrated with all Cloudwadi software allows easier access to your account from anywhere using any device, in addition to reducing cost because there is no need to implement an overpriced IT infrastructure. Contact Clouwadi now to request your HR software and enjoy a free trial.

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Benefits of using Cloudwadi HR software

The main benefit of Cloudwadi HR system is the automation of manual tasks. The software allows employees to effectively organize information and create comprehensive reports. The automated cloud based HR system eliminates the need for the use of papers which reduce the expenses of office supplies. Here are some of the main benefits of Cloudwadi HR solutions:


  • Secure Storage: HR managers can securely store all employees data in an organized way and can easily access these data from any device using the cloud feature.
  • Self -service time tracking: you can track the attendance of all employees, calculate overtime per employee, check leaves and vacation requests. HR managers can also generate customized reports to track the attendance behaviour of each employee each month. This smart feature allows managers to evaluate the employees.
  • Personnel treatment profile: Cloudwadi HR software allows managers to create a profile for each employee that includes all related information to that employee including recruitment history, insurance information, personal information, training, anticipated promotions, attendance and any information related to that employee. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of employees which benefits when deciding promotions, terminations or benefits. 
  • Payroll Management system: The HR system also allows HR managers to automatically calculate the due payroll of each employee after calculating overtime, leaves, incentives,  absences and deducting the insurance and taxes. The payroll feature also handles bank transfers and employees who cash out their payroll through an ATM. This feature reduces the amount of time wasted every month to calculate the payroll of each employee manually and reduce the margin of error as well.
  • Integration with other Applications: Customers can order Cloudwadi HR software separately or combined with other Cloudwadi software solutions such as ERP and Archive.

We can sum up the benefits of Cloudwadi HR software as follows: Here


  • Save time and reduce errors

  • Improve organizational skills

  • Effective employee feedback

  • Accurate analytic reports about employee performance

Contact Cloudwadi now to request your HR software solution. You will enjoy one month free trial to allow you explore the benefits of Cloudwadi HR system by yourself. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any question or when you encounter any problem. Implement the Cludwadi HR system now and enjoy the benefits of that smart application.