Cloudwadi Logistics Management Software

Cloudwadi Logistics Management Software

Logistics business involves various complicated processes including distribution, packaging, transportation, warehousing, inventory, order process and many other operations that require close attention. CloudWadi Logistics management system is part of a bundle of cloud based operating systems designed specially to help facilitate the business of Freight Forwarders, transportation and logistics companies in the Middle East and North Africa.CloudWadi logistics software allows its users to fulfil the requirements of customers efficiently through smart control over the transportation and storage of goods from point of origin till reaching the point of consumption. Logistics business plays a vital role in coordinating the operations of the entire supply chain of a certain product. That’s why it’s better to start using a cloud based logistics operating system to run your business smoothly and effectively. If you order Cloud Wadi Logistics management system now, you will enjoy a free trial. Order Now.

Key benefits of implementing CloudWadi Logistic System

  1. Enhance efficient control over operations: once you implement CloudWadi Logistics software, you will notice the amount of control your employees have over logistics operations such as managing orders, receiving and delivering of goods, inventory and transportation. 

  2. Reduce the amount of errors: As the logistics software allows automatic synchronization of data between all your departments, it will reduce the risk of errors since all information is up to data with no repetition.

  3. Save valuable time: The automatic processing of multiple operations speeds up the flow of work eliminates the need for paperworks. 

  4. Increase profit: The implementation of CloudWadi logistics software helps increase the overall profit of your business. The system will hugely reduce the need to hire a large number of employees, as one  or two employees can undertake the workflow of ten employees through the automatic operations. Additionally, the cloud feature of cloudwadi logistics software eliminates the need to implement an IT infrastructure or the need thire an IT engineer , which hugely reduces the cost.

Key Features of CoudWadi Logistics software:​


  • Automatic Management: manage your orders and bills more efficiently with Cloudwadi Logistic software, it will also reduce the amount of errors.

  • Inventory management system: it keeps you up to date to all products stored in your inventory including supplies, raw materials and tradable goods.

  • Smart Forcast Feature: The system will allow you to forecast market demand so you can plan ahead.

  • Warehouse Management: the effective management of Warehouse is a vital part of logistics business. It allows efficient organization of warehouse items and ensures customers’ needs are timely met. 

  • Smart analytics reports: Smart reporting system that allows you to analyse the overall performance of your operations.

  • Easy access: you can access your system from anywhere using any device due to the Cloud based features integrated with CloudWadi logistics software.


In Conclusion, CoudWadi logistics software is a must have tool that every owner of a logistics business must implement to improve the efficiency of your business. Call CloudWadi now to ask about Logistics management software and how it can benefit your business. If you call now, you will enjoy a one month free trial with online support from one of the CloudWadi support teams.